EnerGiants Trading is the commercial name of SUBASCO wll, our oil trading company based in Bahrain. We are subsidiary of EnerGiants Bahrain Holdings wll and part of the group of companies NineDots Group Holdings ltd.

who ... what ... where ...

who we are

We are oil trading company, boutique company by choice, because we believe that a light structure can better fit our trading style: smart, fast and success oriented. Our team in is highly skilled and well diversified. 

what we do

We trade oil, oil derivates as middle and heavy distillates. Actually we are able to supply EN590, Jet Fuel and shortly we will be able to supply also D6 and Crud Oil.Our continuous work is oriented to find the perfect match between suppliers offers and buyers expectations. 


Ww are based in the Kingdom of Bahrain and from the GCC area we trade globally, with suppliers and clients that cover the entire Globe, from USA to Russia, from Europe to Africa and  Far East.